Wvc54 tzo not updating

Nowadays you have to pay for those, if even they work (the web site domain names seem to have changed, but perhaps they still support the old domain names. Following the example, the subdomain would be com whose nameserver is Crontab entry on the Raspberry Pi Edit the crontab file for periodically checking your IP on the Pi and updating external DNS if it has changed by doing this: $ crontab ‐e and adding the line below: A few highlights Note that I’ve switched to use of nsupdate -l on the local server.

I found the samples out there on the Internet needed some updating, so I am sharing my recipe. What I used – Go Daddy DNS hosting (basically any will do) – my Amazon AWS virtual server running Cent OS, where I have sudo access – my home Raspberry Pi – a tiny bit of php programming – my networking skills for debugging As I have prior experience with all these items this project was right up my alley.

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Intro I know my old Cisco router only has built-in support for two dynamic DNS services, and Maybe this could be fixed by firmware upgrades (to hopefully get more choices and hopefully a free one, or a newer router, or running DD-WRT. Delegating our DDNS domain from Go Daddy Just create a nameserver record from the domain, say drj.com, called, say, raspi, which you delegate to your AWS server. Raspberry Pi requirements I’ve assumed you can run your Pi 24 x 7 and constantly and consistently on your network.

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For just over 0, you can go down to your local computer/consumer electronics store and pick up a nifty little Linksys IP webcam that does a fair job as an indoor security/monitoring solution.

// options ; logging ; zone "." IN ; include "/etc/named.rfc1912.zones"; include "/var/named/dynamic.conf"; include "/etc/key";$ORIGIN . $TTL 3600 ; 1 hour A 125.1 Named re-starting program Want to make sure your named restarts if it happens to die? I learned a lot by running nsupdate -D -l on my AWS server and observing what happens.

And note that I changed the locations of the secret.

Please let me know if you know how to enable the telnet daemon on Linksys IP cameras!

However, I ended up using one outside, mounted under the eve of my garage.

The only problems I’ve seen with using the camera outside are: 1) the motion detection system is way too sensative to things like ambient light changes (clouds moving overhead, cars driving by shining reflections or shadows, etc.) and if I turn on the motion system on I’m always getting alerts…

I wanted to find out which pet of ours was leaving little presents for us on the stairs.

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