Updating raised ranch facade

We admire the original design of these homes and it’s always satisfying to breathe new life into them -allowing them to be useful, inspiring homes for another 50 or 60 years.Remodeling an MCM home differs from remodeling just any old house though.When it comes to selecting a door for your house, it’s best to stay true to the house’s established style.For purposes of door selection, architectural styles can be lumped into four broad categories: colonial, Victorian, bungalow, and modern.Some (David and best friend Elysia) have brought the charge against me that I am too particular on home exteriors. Or at least that (especially for a 10 year home) I do not have to a listing’s curb appeal or attempt to do major exterior renovations.

Throughout, there is a mix of formal and informal pieces, which all correspond to the look and feel of the new entry addition, a space with exposed timber.Inside, the new bath and kitchen, which are added, provide the project highlights.Rachel is an author, blogger, and dessert activist.Also, I have learned that painting homes all white often single-handedly makes me like it way more.Over the last decade we’ve spent quite a bit of time and energy remodeling mid-century modern homes (MCMs).

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