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I have never developed java swing components from scratch and i am using netbeans which of course isnt recommended but that is what has been chosen. Add vector to the database via a select statement but sinceim new to java swing (and java itself) and i created my gui with netbeans this is a bit hard for me to do Ah, I see.

These methods that i have to override are they part of the table model class and if so how do i do that? So in fact you haven't written a table model class. Or perhaps you could attach a Table Model Listener to the table model and update the database based on the Table Model Events you receive from it.

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As for why your Table Model Listener isn't working as expected, you have set it up in a strange way, which is probably causing your problem.

It is initialised with data from the Database Helper on startup. However, when trying to load new data into the table, it is not quite so straight forward. Load Data() method was already returning a new datamodel.

If it is possible I would like to implement a solution using only the default table model. However, there is still the problem of loaded data being appeneded to the existing JTable, instead of simply displaying a table with only the loaded data.

Try referring to this page : https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/uiswing/components/table.html#data Notice that you are defining an anonymous Table Listener inside your Table Listener class : You can do it this way, but then there's no point in writing the Table Listener that your code sample is from.

Basically, your issue is that you're trying to bind and use your listener inside your listener class.

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