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It was originally developed by Microsoft for synchronizing Pocket PC devices with Microsoft Exchange servers, but has since become widely adopted as the preferred synchronization method.

Just about every modern device capable of synchronization includes out of the box support for EAS.

Update: We’ve just released a new webcast discussing Active Sync on Black Berry 10.

Find out how Active Sync works with Black Berry 10 to enable basic security and device management features.

We’ve talked quite a bit about Active Sync in the past here on the Inside Black Berry for Business Blog, so make sure that you’ve also taken a look at our past blog posts: It’s quite likely that you’re using a Microsoft Exchange server, an IBM Lotus Domino server, or a Novell Group Wise mail server.

Black Berry 10 smartphones (and Black Berry Play Book tablets) can connect to any of these mail servers as long as Active Sync is enabled.

Ensuring that Exchange Active Sync is working properly on both your Exchange infrastructure and your users’ myriad mobile devices is one of the most important things you can do.

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For the specific versions and features supported in different Horde versions, see the Active Sync Feature Grid.

Android, i OS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, even current versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail include support for EAS.

In addition to synchronization, the protocol provides some device management and security related features.

Please note, atmail version 7.5.1 introduced significant changes as to how assets are included across the different user interface modules (Web UI, Mobile UI and Admin UI), by compressing and combining Java Script and CSS files for performance improvements.

If you have customized your interface by adding or changing these files, please ensure you have all the appropriate backups required prior to updating.

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