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Communication Studies 10: Introduction to Communication Studies.

Introduction to fields of mass communication and interpersonal communication.

In both recessions and expansions, brief reversals in economic activity may occur-a recession may include a short period of expansion followed by further decline; an expansion may include a short period of contraction followed by further growth.

The Committee applies its judgment based on the above definitions of recessions and expansions and has no fixed rule to determine whether a contraction is only a short interruption of an expansion, or an expansion is only a short interruption of a contraction.

Consideration of number of basic theories related to study of communication and development of skills to enable composition and delivery of speeches in accordance with specific rhetorical concepts.

Similarly, during an expansion, economic activity rises substantially, spreads across the economy, and usually lasts for several years.

You may distribute only the same number of access codes as the number of print student editions purchased.

Over 250 Indigenous Australian language groups covered the continent at the time of European settlement in 1788.

Enforced requisite: satisfaction of Entry-Level Writing requirement.

Examination of foundations of communication and public speaking.

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