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The couple used to live together and spend their time together; she was fateful to him and moved wherever he had to move, because of his carrier as a basketball player.

Black Sports Online reveals that trouble was allegedly brewing between the two from this point on, and Shaq broke things off after seeing Hoopz melt down at the Orlando Metro Gymnastics facility.

He began his carrier in sports commentating after ending it as a basketball player.

Even though Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend was with him when he went to Boston to film more scenes in the movie Grown Ups 2, which is produced by Adam Sandler, after few weeks they ended their relationship and Nicole announced about it.

And that's coming from a guy who played Shaq Fu on Game Boy! and I've NEVER gotten past the first stage in Brutal, no matter what characters I chose.

Recently Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander was known as Shaquille O’Neil girlfriend but their relationship broke off.

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