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Big Ben began to be tested more as the 2004 season wound down, notably in a dramatic shootout with the Eli Manning-led New York Giants, but Rothelisberger continued to triumph, and led the Steelers to a spectacular 15-1 2004 season.

Entering the playoffs, however, Rothelisberger was now a target of opposing defensive schemes, and facing the New York Jets Rothelisberger committed several ill-fated plays, notably a pair of 4th-quarter interceptions.

But what is the deal with pro athletes not getting the memo that they have a responsibility to their fans and organization to obey their contracts.

Remember last year it was Kellen Winslow Jr., who wrecked his bike, and a couple years before that it was Jay Williams (Chicago Bulls PG) who basically ruined his own career in a bike accident.............

We’ve finally obtained a full and complete and reliable copy of the complaint filed against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in Nevada.

The complaint contains very specific allegations, which either helps prove that the event actually occurred — or which demonstrates that the plaintiff, Andrea Mc Nulty, has a very active imagination.

You think these guys would be smart enough to at least wear a helment.

Mc Nulty says that Roethlisberger walked the woman to the elevator, and that Roethlisberger then stopped to talk to Mc Nulty and other staff, for roughly 20 minutes.The following Sunday Rothelisberger handed the visiting Philidelphia Eagles a 27-3 pounding, the Eagles' first loss of the year and which led to the infamous Terrell Owens-Donovan Mc Nabb sideline incident.Now Pittsburgh was listed a Superbowl contender, and opposing defenses were forced to pay far more attention to Rothelisberger than they could ever have anticipated. Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD.

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