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It was his third spell in jail, and the judge who sentenced him remarked on his "appalling record", which includes at least 13 previous court appearances.Doherty has been arrested many times for drug and driving offences, and he could face another prison sentence after allegedly breaking into a record shop in Germany in March.For Kate Moss, an evening in early September spent at the side of boyfriend Pete Doherty, the front man of the rock group Babyshambles, must have felt like just any other jam session.The 31-year-old model sat in a corner of a recording studio in West London, looking impossibly glamorous in knee-high black boots and shorts, her 100-pound, five-foot-seven-inch frame as ethereal as ever, her hair wavy, with a golden tinge, falling just below her shoulders.Not since Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg cut their decadently glamorous swath through 60s London has a rock 'n' roll romance so thoroughly hooked the British press: model Kate Moss has fallen for one of the country's most notorious drug addicts, former Libertines front man Pete Doherty.She's even taken to singing with his new band, Babyshambles. But tallying the canceled concerts, rehab stints, and jail time, wonders how dangerous their liaison may be.

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By 2015 they are snapped together less frequently, though they do pose for the cameras at a benefit dinner in March celebrating the launch of the Alexander Mc Queen: Savage Beauty exhibition at London’s V&A Museum.

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I suppose it's one way of seeing whether short prison sentences work: the singer Pete Doherty was released on Wednesday after serving less than two months of a six-month sentence for possession of cocaine.

A fashion show is in progress, models bearing down on the audience in torn clothes, with rough placards of character traits --"Mr Hypocrite"; "A Teasing Temper"; "Perverse and Obstinate".

Russ Feingold, a Democratic US senator for Wisconsin who's been turning his attention to the more relaxed matters of pop music, posted a video on his website ( last month entitled "Fein Tunes", where he discussed music that interested him, offering a shout-out to fellow Wisconsinite, Bon Iver.

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