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Sorry Air Asia, but I think our “long haul” relationship with you is over.

Yes, you were cheaper, BUT next time we will fly direct and pay the little bit extra.2.

Before we left on our most recent trip we shared our thoughts on planning a trip to Thailand with kids, which is a helpful guide for anyone visiting Thailand.

However, we also discovered there are some things about traveling with kids in Thailand we weren’t prepared for.1. We flew from Sydney via Kuala Lumpur (4-hour wait) and it was too long a journey for the girls and an unnecessary extra leg of travel each way.

The sleeve tattoo is shorter than in the airport photos and he has a tattooed belly in this video, which he did not have at the airport.

That was pre-kids, but we still thought we still knew what to expect and felt prepared to travel to Thailand with kids.Embarrassing footage of Thailand's king wearing a crop top while sporting 'fake' tattoos have prompted authorities to threaten action against Facebook.The video of King Maha Vajiralongkorn strolling around a shopping centre with a woman was widely shared on the social network.Only a 30 minute speedboat ride from Phuket, staff members of Six Senses escorted us to an exotic paradise full of unique activities, mouth-watering cuisine and ridiculous views – basically a triple threat to a perfect vacation. pm | Arrival at Six Senses Yao Noi Our GEM (Guest Experience Maker) whisked us away to Villa #3 via buggy. pm | Dinner at The Dining Room This may look like an ordinary carrot to you, but I assure you, it’s not. 9am | Breakfast of Champions The hours between 7 and 10am when it’s acceptable to indulge in pancakes, waffles, eggs, cereal, fruits, pastries, etc, is my favorite time of day. All breads and anything that goes inside the carbohydrate food group is always tempting. Think fairytale lands, places you see in coffee table books or read about in high profile travel magazines.After pushing open an unassuming door, I had my jaw on the floor and my camera shooting at 90 mph to capture the beauty that was laid out before me. Natural vegetation and lush landscaping provide privacy between the elevated villas. Chef Alex Oddy can turn any ordinary vegetable into masterful gastronomy. This is Thailand for me, specifically the view below.

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    Here is Scott’s guest post that gives us a glance at the transition from single guy to married guy with step kids, and all the wonderful things that can happen if you are open-minded, have insight into what the kids are going through, and just give it time. But if you keep in mind what the kids went through, you will have a better understanding and be a great step parent.