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Also included in that post was a video of a physical altercation between Annie and Nettie’s daughter, Dallas.

As with any post, there are many layers of connectedness between the players involved here.

These black beauties show up in adult bookstores, adult dvd stores and arcades looking for a little fun.

The only quesion is, where are they going to take that stranger's huge load!

“My nine-year-old can only watch about half of it,” he says.

President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton attended his 1995 wedding to Mary Steenburgen.

Rebecca left their two-year-old daughter Esther at home to attend the ceremony, and was glowing as she showed off her baby bump.

The brunette wore a stretchy navy blue knee-length dress with a silver cropped jacket and a statement necklace as she tenderly placed her hand on her tummy.

I spent too many hours trying to piece it all together, and I still don’t feel confident at all that I have figured out all the ways these folks are connected.

So you climbed the Canadian TV mountain, convinced a programming executive to green-light your home-grown comedy and managed, against all odds, to get it on the air for a whole season. It’s a dilemma that faces every creator/executive producer in Canada lucky enough to get an order for a second season.

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