Intimidating info

Directors Neelam Ahuja, Chirag Ahuja, and officer Rhythm Ahuja have been ordered to personally pay penalties of ,000 each, totalling ,000.

This decision was made separate to a previous ERA determination that the directors be personally liable for ,783 in unpaid wages and holiday pay owed by their companies Khoobsurat Collections Ltd/Naari Collection Ltd.

It was a startling and high-stakes encounter caught on tape - two LASD Sergeants confronting FBI Special Agent Leah Marx outside her home in September of 2011. Maricella Long approached Marx on the video played for jurors Tuesday."It felt like an eternity," Marx told the jury Tuesday of the confrontation that lasted only minutes."I thought this was purely to intimidate me and get me to back off the investigation," Marx testified."I'm in the process of swearing out a declaration for an arrest warrant for you," Sgt. The LASD had put a surveillance team on Marx to learn more about her investigation of the LASD.

Marx was the lead FBI Agent on a case that would ultimately lead to scores of LASD criminal indictments -- including former Sheriff Lee Baca himself. Nine of his LASD subordinates have either already been convicted or pleaded guilty in the scheme to obstruct an FBI investigation into deputy brutality and corruption in the jails."Do you know you're a named suspect in a felony complaint? The Sheriff Department's own undercover cameras captured the intense face-off.

NRS 199.200 Statement of what one does not know to be true.

FALSIFYING EVIDENCE NRS 199.210 Offering false evidence. NRS 199.230 Preventing or dissuading person from testifying or producing evidence. NRS 199.450 Peace officer exceeding authority in execution of search warrant. OBSTRUCTION OF CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION NRS 199.510 Provisions not applicable to privileged communications between lawyer and client.

The two ex-employees claimed they were subject to threats by unknown men in connection with their appearances as witnesses in the ERA investigation.

NRS 199.240 Bribing or intimidating witness to influence testimony. NRS 199.460 Extortion of confession; refusing accused communication with attorney or friends. NRS 199.520 Disclosure of information to subject of investigation.

NRS 199.242 Limitations on defenses to prosecution for influencing testimony of witness. OTHER OFFENSES NRS 199.260 Neglect or refusal to receive person into custody. NRS 199.300 Intimidating public officer, public employee, juror, referee, arbitrator, appraiser, assessor or similar person. NRS 199.330 Buying or promising reward by justice or constable. NRS 199.470 Malicious destruction of legal and other notices. NRS 199.530 Notification of possible search or seizure.

Frequently, the company would tell a person’s family, friends and coworkers that the person committed a crime or was involved in a legal proceeding. According to the complaint, National Check Registry has no authority to make arrests or seek other criminal punishments for failure to pay these debts.

If you are facing debt collection, understand your rights.

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