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The city center is 20 minutes' walk of the property.

Ukupna površina fabrike „Palladio BNM“ Obninsk, u sve tri faze, iznosiće 11.000 m2. Nikola Jovanović (prvi sekretar Ambasade Italije u Rusiji), g.

A comfortable hotel-preserve was lost in the green forests of the Kaluga region 120 km from Moscow along the Kiev highway in the protected area of ​​the reserve.

The hotel area is 682 hectares: a forest, meadows, 11 natural lakes. From the hotel-reserve "Lesnoye" in the village of Nedelnoe is the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin.

This reactor was a forerunner of the RBMK reactors.

The Obninsk reactor used 5% enriched Uranium; this percentage would be lowered for subsequent reactors.

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