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As for why he disappeared for a few days, it’s reasonable to imagine that he might have been busy.

Just because I like a girl doesn’t mean I need to talk to her every single day to prove so.

The next morning (today), he sent me a message as soon as he got up. And given the current climate of rape culture in college communities — issues of consent and the like — I think the fact that he’s not pushing you into having sex right off the bat is an admirable thing.

When you’re interested in someone, it isn’t always the easiest thing to back off.

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Dave Skylark and his producer Aaron Rapoport run the celebrity tabloid show "Skylark Tonight".

But when Dale becomes the only witness to a murder by a crooked cop and the city's most dangerous drug lord, he panics and dumps his roach of Pineapple Express at the scene.

Dale now has another reason to visit Saul: to find out if the weed is so rare that it can be traced back to him--and it is.

The day after, he asked me to hang out at his place, so I did.

We drank a little bit of wine and watched a few movies.

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